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Jordan Davies-King

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07706 259370

You’ve had that fitness goal in your head for way to long now…

You want to start seeing some results, and you wish you had a roadmap of how to get there…

Question? Do you actually want to better yourself and value positive change or not?

If you do, then let me tell you…

I used to be in the same boat as you! I was 16 stone when I left University, I had put on weight over the years eating junk food and my fitness level was at an all-time low. I had enough of not feeling or looking how I wanted and so I knew I needed to make a change! I swapped out my diet to a healthier one and started to go to CrossFit classes.

All my training was set out by my coach, so I didn’t have to think about what exercises to do. 6 months later of consistent training, accountability and dieting, I lost 3 stone! I got a lot stronger and had way more energy than before! I felt way more confident, happier and started to utilise that extra energy to do things in my life I actually wanted to do!

Personal training is more than just training. It’s coaching!

Before we even start, I will tap into why you’re not where you want to be because to be successful in training it’s easy. Sleep, Eat, Train. Yet so many of us don’t achieve our dreams because we don’t know HOW to get there!

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